Fiction of our Dreams: tool for collective imaginarium

Fiction of our Dreams: tool for collective imaginarium


Alma Yareny Duriez Urías


Degree Project


Nesli Hazal Oktay, PhD Candidate



Josina Vink, PhD


Goal 3: Good health and well-being

We have been told that we must have our actions, our thoughts, our beliefs and our hopes on the facts of the world. With this project I suggest looking in the other direction, to analyse the
fictions we are building in our sleep lives to collectively dream in our awake lives.

Fiction of our dreams as a tool for collective imaginariums is a project that aims to foster reflection on what influences our subconscious understanding of the world, based on the questions of “What are we dreaming about?” connected with the intention of opening these stories to conversation.

The project aims to create an immersive experience with an installation that allows the opportunity of “visiting” the sensations of other people’s dreams to create imaginariums collectively with the “authors” of the dreams that are being shared.

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