We create innovative concepts for products and services using human and life centered design methods.
Human-Centred Design meets Professional Healthcare
The North Estonian Medical Center
Human-Centred Design meets Professional Healthcare
Mindful Listening
Mindful Listening
Vessels for Transition
Vessels for Transition

Our master students' learning experience is based on close collaboration with industry partners. Guided by top practicing experts in design, they combine their diverse expertise with design methods to uncover opportunities and create forward-looking concepts, which can inspire your product, service and strategy development.

Get to know your audience

What makes your customers move? What do they care about, believe in, why do they do the things they do? Developing empathy through user research is the cornerstone of our design approach, upon which all else is built.

Build out-of-the-box ideas

Imagine having a totally fresh, yet well informed perspective on your business, product, service or strategy. We always work in cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural teams, paving way for creativity fueled by novel and unexpected viewpoints.

Prototype future visions

Ideas by themselves are worthless. They need to be materialised, developed, evaluated and put into tangible concepts and stories. Only then will they have the necessary impact to inspire and guide your strategic decisions.

Recruit new talent

Carefully picked from a vast range of applicants, the masters students at are dedicated, experienced, creative and ambitious. Maybe the next top designer, researcher or leader at your company is sitting right now in our studio, waiting for your call?


We run joint projects where our interdisciplinary student team works on your brief as a research and design agency. Depending on the scope and needs, you can work with the whole team on a 5-7 week studio project, with a selected group on a research project, or with a single student on a degree project.

Fast-paced Workshops

Organising design sprints, ideating and prototyping novel situations, creating trust through storytelling, speculating future scenarios — mentors and students can facilitate a range of workshops that use designerly ways of doing to discover opportunities and inspire action.

Consultation & Training

Our faculty and mentors have many years of industry and academic experience in training interdisciplinary multi-cultural teams in all aspects of the design process. We can facilitate change, evoke shifts in mindsets and introduce new methods and skills to level up your teams.

People always come first

Either tackling complex social challenges or coming up with new concepts to envision the future, our  inspiration, ideation and implementation are led by human values, needs and behaviours.

We work with startups, businesses, non-profits and the government sector

Jonn Galea

Head of Product & DESIGN @ LINGVIST
"Without a doubt, collaborating with IxD was one of the most worthwhile and rewarding endeavours for both Lingvist and myself. I was very impressed by how well the students grabbed the brief given and ran with it, exploring the problem space, researching it thoroughly and coming back with solutions rooted in objective design-thinking. A testament to the great people that make this course happen."

Silver Siniavski

Head of Product @ E-Residency
"Cooperation with IxD students was very professional. What’s more important for us – the results were practical. The product of e-Residency involves many different players. Students found ways to communicate to multi-national eResidents scattered all over the world. They could validate ideas and collect user feedback. During the project, students cooperated closely with the e-Residency team. Several proposals by students will definitely be used in our product development iterations in coming years. They helped to bring the user experience of eResidency up to a new level."

Kaspar Roost

Head of User Experience @ Swedbank Baltic
"Cooperation with IxD students and instructors was very smooth. We were highly satisfied with the results, even surprised by their professionalism and quality. In particular, I would like to point out a thorough analysis conducted in the early phase of the project to chart different problem areas. Students’ video presentations clearly brought out the essence as well as emotional aspects of proposed new products and services."

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