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Master of Arts

2 years

Form of Study
Cycle studies, Thu-Sat


Tallinn, Estonia

BA degree or equivalent

1 Feb — 4 Mar 2024

September 2024

The Process

  • Step 1: Submit application and documents

    Submit your documents to EKA via DreamApply.
    Materials needed:

  • Step 2: Online Assignment

    You'll receive a design brief that you have to complete in a given timeframe.

  • Step 3: Interview

    We'll get to know each other better via call.

  • Results announced

    You'll learn your admission results.

  • Studies start

    Introductory week will get you started with studies and EKA

Alumni Marharyta Milovanona

Marharyta Milovanova

Team 2017
"My background is in economics and over the entire period of studying in this field, I was terribly lacking in humanity. I wanted to consider a person not as a resource, but as an individual. The desire to think about humans and improve their life led me to Interaction Design. gave me the need to work with people, conduct research, think wider than usual, the ability to study on real projects. For two years I was able to meet incredible people, each of whom had something to teach. I was confronted with a variety of tasks, which were much more difficult to overcome than it seems in the beginning. However, thanks to hard work and the people around me, I was able to change my life and not forget to have fun."
Alumni Roland Arnoldt

Roland Arnoldt

Team 2016
"I wanted to study Interaction Design at an art school, not a university. There are only very few art schools in Europe that offer a Master’s in that field, and Estonia seemed to offer a great heritage in art as a country, so I decided on EAA. Thanks to the programme, I’ve gained a very solid foundation in design thinking, prototyping and project-based design execution. All of the projects are hands-on; there is a real product at the end, which is very satisfying. Although most of the projects happen in collaboration with industry partners, you can still deliver more abstract and conceptual work, and sometimes for the industry partners this is even more inspiring. The programme has helped me to structure my projects from ideation to the final product — in a team and on my own."

Do I need to be a designer to apply?

No, it’s quite the opposite! We at value interdisciplinary diversity and specifically admit people with various backgrounds to assemble an unique team each year. Project managers, computer scientists, product and fashion designers, marketers, teachers, researchers — these are just a few examples of people we have had the honour of working with so far. Peer to peer teaching is an important part of the studies in, each member complements the team with their unique background, skills, and a point of view. The one common denominator we do look for, is passion for design.


Will I get a job after graduation?

You’ll probably get one before graduation. A well-paying one that allows you to pursue your passion. In addition to the connections and experience gained during studies, we’ll put great emphasis on building up your strong, Globally competitive portfolio. And a fun fact: most of our students have changed their jobs or positions during their studies. For inspiration, check what our alumni are up to on the People page.


How do you select applicants?

As our team sizes are limited but the amount of applicants is increasing by the year, we have established entrance examinations to select people for are the best fit for the current intake. Firstly you have to send us your CV, motivation letter and a collection of works to display you previous experience. While your CV tells us where and who you have been, the collection of works should show us what you have been doing there. It can be a portfolio, a short list of projects, essays, software… Basically, we want to see what you’ve been up to so far in your professional life, what kind of problems you’ve been tackling, and how you have gone about to solve them.


Are the studies available online?

The program is carefully designed to run on location at the campus of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Some of our courses do have online and hybrid elements, to prepare you for the more and more prevailing remote work and collaboration, and welcome a growing list of international mentors.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, we follow the official guidelines set by the Estonian Government. During these times, most of our studies are hybrid, with online work happening in parallel with carefully coordinated campus meetings.


Are there any scholarships available?

Yes, there are a several options available:
— The Estonian government has initiated various scholarship schemes in order to support international students who are interested in studying in Estonia.
— EKA provides a few smaller stipends based on performance, social needs and other criteria. See Results Based Scholarship and Social Stipend.
— Many of our students are using stipends provided by institutions in their home countries. You can start your research from your embassy.
— All major Estonian banks offer student loans on very good terms (low interest, long payment period, state-backed).


Can I try again if I wasn't accepted?



Should I apply?

Absolutely! Do it now, there’s only so much time left!

IxDma Team 2019

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