A monkey in a Spaceship

A monkey in a Spaceship


Pietro Ercolino Vizzadelli Barcucci


Degree Project


Haig Armen




Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

This master thesis is interested in transforming my own practice towards a deeper and more considerate engagement with technology. It is an attempt to experience what an alternative approach to artificial intelligence (AI) can lead to.

To uncover new ways of engaging with technology, I focus on building a personalized tool that can empower my expression ability. Situated at the intersection of art, design and philosophy, the study develops as a practical experiment that explores what is the connection between music and image, depicting a personal journey across the two mediums.

As I proceed to define my interaction with AI, I propose how addressing it in a very instinctive and unsystematic way can lead to a prolific collaboration despite of its limitations. This experiment unfolds into a narrative that speculates around the future of technology, as a tool capable of fostering creativity instead of automating it.

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